A Charming Dip Into HTML5 (and a bit of history, too)

I’ve only read a few pages of Mark Pilgrim’s Dive Into HTML5, and I already love it. The first thing that you’ll notice is that the pages are beautifully laid out with retro typographical elements. This gives the site a very warm and welcoming feel. Second, it begins with a history! This is really unusual in an industry that often treats anything that happened two years ago as irrelevant. This is more than just food for your curiosity, though. It’s an instructive story of how small decisions accumulate over time and how standards interact with implementors and consumers. Then come the technical points like the new semantics (which I love) and the various new HTML5 features. His explanations are clear and provide enough inline definitions for newbies to follow along, but also includes important details and outside links with information that even an expert may not know. Best of all, the prose is simple, supple, and amusing. This is a technical book you will actually enjoy reading. Go have a look!

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